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TThe DPL is proud to announce the launch of DPL Mentor, a innovative, integrated coach education program for leaders and coaches to aid the development of Staff and Players. The DPL has grown significantly over the past 3 years and the league is firmly focused on continuing to improve the competitive standard for our members. Coach education is the next evolution for The DPL as the league strives to afford memorable and purposeful programming to it’s members.
What's new?
Setting And Achieving Goals
In this course, you’ll understand more about the process of setting achievable goals for yourself as a coach, and for your team.

We'll also look at how to set goals that accurately reflect your purpose, and we'll look at tools you can use to track your team's progress.
How To Foster Mental Toughness
This short course will explore four key components of how to develop mentally tough players.
Mental Toughness: An Introduction
This free mini-course explores the fundamental principles of mental toughness, its importance on performance and the core pillars that underpin it.
World-class education right at your fingertips. The DPL partnership with MiMentor features a number of FREE introduction courses that cover topics from nutrition and sports psychology, to conditioning and decision making. Memorable and Purposeful content to elevate the standards of coaching and play across the country.